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Green Fox Illustration

The Unknown | Original Painting

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Hi there friend! I am Madeleine aka The Green Fox. When you buy one of my prints, you are not just buying a product, you are buying a piece of my art. You are sending me support, which enables me to carry on creating more art. If you do choose to support me, I am so grateful, it honestly means the world.

Product Description

No longer the frozen rabbit, lost in innocence. The illusion has been shattered, the wall peeled back. The chaos is everywhere but the choice has been made, it is to explore the unknown, chest exposed, eyes open. The darkness has been befriended. 

This is an original painting in Acrylic, the wood panel is 29.7 x 42 cm.

Fine Art Prints are available. if you would like to order, email 

Paper Quality

Printed on archival cotton rag paper. Cotton rag meets the highest industry standards regarding density, colour, image sharpness, and longevity, with the lovely touch and feel of genuine art paper. It's superior quality means it is one of the highest resistant materials used for wall art.


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