What are Embellished Art Prints?

What are Embellished Art Prints?

So, I could excitedly tell you about my new painting and all about the embellished prints, dropping in all the details of the professional materials I've used, like gold leaf, but you may be wondering... What the heck are embellished art prints?

The most common type of fine art prints, like this one here, are usually professionally printed on a good quality paper, such as 250 gsm satin or gloss. Embellished art prints are different, and much more unique, because, like original pieces of art in themselves, as they are individually hand painted.

View the video above to see the embellishment process for the prints of my painting - Forgiving Medusa.

How I Create an Embellished Art Print.

Once I have finished my painting, it needs to be professionally photographed, or scanned, so I have a digital copy. This is then sent off to be expertly printed on archival cotton rag paper, which has an archival certification of 100+ years, meaning it will last more than 100 years. This awesome paper is made using cotton linters, or cotton from used cloth rags as the primary material, which makes it superior in both strength and durability. It also has a lovely luxury feel, and is rich in texture. Basically, it's the Lamborghini of paper.

Next, it's time for the painting part to begin! The way I embellish each piece varies based on how it reflects the original painting. For the wings of the Phoenix bird, I used a metallic gold medium with a paintbrush so they glimmer and shine! The gold finish on the eyes is intricately dusted with gold leaf. Once the finer details are crafted, I need to give the whole piece texture. The Phoenix bird is painted with a clear acrylic medium, which not only gives the painterly texture of brush strokes, it also makes the colour from the ink on the paper extra vivid. The background is also painted with a pallet knife in the same acrylic, and voila, the print has come to life with metallics, colour and texture. Each each is done by hand, is completely unique, and is almost indistinguishable from an original painting.. but don't just take my word for it, you can see this for yourself in this Embellishing Process video I created. 

How Can I Get An Embellished Art Print?

As you can see a lot of love and attention goes into each piece. Meaning I am only able to accept a limited amount of orders for embellished art prints. If you visit my website, I have embellished prints available, but they don't always last long. If the piece you like is out of stock, simply sign up to my newsletter, as I send out emails to let my subscribers know when it's possible to order again.

Here is my latest painting mentioned - Phoenix & The Olive Branch



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