Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

Mental Health Awareness Month 2021

What's Currently Inspiring Me?

It's Mental Health Awareness Month and, being a bit of a self proclaimed nerd, I'm really interested in things to do with understanding the mind, such as psychology and mindfulness, so that's being inspiring me the last few weeks. I mean, I already see a lot information and posts about psychology and mindfulness as I'm a big fan of people like Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Adriene Mishler and Healthy Gamer GG, but with this being a whole month dedicated to mental health, it seems to have stood out even more to me. With that in mind, I thought, I'll take this month to expand on my mindfulness practice and see what happens. So I upped my meditation to 20 minutes a day, rather than my usual 10, and have set myself a goal of being kinder to myself, which is rather nice, being as I usually default to the 'grind' mindset, which can quickly lead to me burning myself out. This even happened recently when the gyms reopened, although this time I was aware of my 'unhealthy' thoughts, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

What am I working on? 

So, in keeping with being mindful, I've chosen to opt for more quiet time than normal recently, which has actually been rather productive, as becoming more of an observer has led to me finding some really interesting ideas. Whilst on one of for my daily walks (without my usual podcasts on), an idea came to me. Could I illustrate mindfulness through the language of hands? Anyway, I got sketching, and exploring, and the idea has grown into a triptych of hand symbols, including the eyes of my mindfulness hero's. See if you can guess who the eyes belong to?

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