Lisianthus Watercolour Painting

Lisianthus Watercolour Painting

Often times the algorithm of a social media platform can be a real curse on our lives, but sometimes they can have a slightly more positive effect, like when they take you down a hole of beauty. This is what happened to me recently, and I stumbled upon the lovely flower haven of an account called Hello Lucy Blooms, I felt inspired and excited to get stuck in to a nice big watercolour botanical painting.

I so admire those watercolour artists that go straight in with the paint, honestly they do exist I follow them on instagram! For me the idea of this makes my chest tight, so I like to put some music on, make a flat white or cup of tea, and sketch it out first.

 Lisianthus flower sketch

Once I was happy with the sketch in terms of composition and proportions, I transferred it onto my NEW Arches hot pressed cotton watercolour paper. I was stoked to try this paper out for the first time. 

Watercolour Lisianthus painting

All the paints I am currently using are Winsor & Newton professional watercolour tubes.

Watercolour Painting

Here is the finished watercolour painting, the colours come out truly amazing on the Arches hot pressed paper.

Watercolour Lisianthius Flower

 Archival Lisianthus Prints

 Other things I have been loving in life!

TV series - 'Bodies' I love a bit of Stevey Gray! He is just so good in everything. The different time periods in this series are aesthetically beautiful! 

Podcast - The Bitch Bible. Warning, she's a moaning bitch, it's hilarious, and I love her for it.

THESE cord Trousers from Sainsburys - 98% cotton girlies! 

ILIA skin tint - I took the risk and purchased this for a non toxic foundation alternative, and when I say risk I MEAN it. Make up is expensive, and oh all those traumatizing memories of ordering new makeup and it not suiting my skin type, money down the drain people, it is DEVASTING. Anyway, thankfully this was not one of those times, and I absolutely LOVE it.

My NEW wearable art - I have to put this in because the quality of the print is AMAZING, and so are the fabrics, because of this I get really excited to create new designs, and new designs have been created! Including organic cotton baby grows, so cute.

Thank you for reading my blog post! I love you, and I will speak to you in the next one.

Madeleine - The Green Fox xxx


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