Illustrating a book cover

Illustrating a book cover

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In today's blog I want to share what I have been creatively up to for the past month, and that is living in the vibe of losing your head, dancing in the forest bathed in neon lights! not me specifically, it is the girls in this painting called The Ravers who have been living that dream. This illustration is actually the cover for a novel titled … you guessed it, The Ravers!

Studio Desk


As I was having a nice chat with the author over coffee I noted down some points that stood out to me for bringing the concept to life and then away to the sketchbook I go.

Ideas Brainstorm

I began sketching away…

 Preliminary Sketches

graphite Sketch
Graphite sketch
Graphite sketch


Painting process

Now I have worked out how the people will look, these sketches will act as my reference for the painting. After playing around with the composition for a couple of days, here is the final sketch I was happy with and excited to paint.


Final graphite sketch


Here are some of the different stages of the painting throughout the process, you really have to get over the fear when it looks bad and like its going nowhere! and trust that you know what to do to bring it together. STAY PRESENT.


Painting process
Painting process
Painting process


Finished Painting


The Ravers Painting

I am also going to be illustrating some images for inside the novel so stay tuned for more blog posts from my studio for those.

Before I end this blog and head to the kettle, I would like to let you know that you can indeed purchase a hand embellished print of this painting, or an art poster here.

What is an embellished print you ask? You can check out how I do these beauties here.

Until next time enjoy your pumpkin adventures, wherever they take you! I am thinking spiced pumpkin latte's and of course, pie. yummmmmmm.

All the love, Madeleine

(The green Fox) X

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