My biggest watercolour painting yet!

My biggest watercolour painting yet!

'Truer than the literal truth'

Ink & Watercolour 42 x 59.4cm

Truer Than The Literal Truth

Truer Than The Literal Truth

The Inspiration for this painting came to me whilst I was lay down on my sofa, it is situated underneath a big window. I was looking up at the blue sky, and I noticed that the flowers on the windowsill had pretty much lived their lives. The colours of the half dried flowers were now deep and autumnal, which I thought looked beautiful against the bright blue sky. 


I decided to brave my A2 Daler Rowney watercolour sketchbook for the first time. I carefully pulled a piece of paper from the sketchbook so I could stretch it. I stretched the the paper onto a panel of MDF, then secured the edges of the paper with Loxley gummed tape.

Process photo

I sketched the flowers very loosely using a mechanical pencil, this was just to get down the rough shapes and composition. I drew the flowers with a Sakura Micron ink pen, and painted them with Winsor & Newton watercolours.

Painting process


 Tea break

Tea break in my new favourite mug, a gift from my friend Liz! <3

I have named the painting 'Truer Than The Literal Truth' this is a quote from Vincent from the book - The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh.

Timelapse video

  You can also watch a timelapse video of the process here!

Something else I made this month..

I have been adding things to my studio here and there, and I wanted some plants hanging up. I saw some lovely macrame plant hangers on pinterest, so I decided to have a go at making one myself. 

Macrame plant hanger

Yes I had to get our clothes horse involved, this is real life DIY at its finest. 

 Macrame plant hanger

I love how it turned out, I will definitely be making more.

Other things I am loving in life!

Film - Brian and Charles I watched this three times in one week! it is SO funny and down to earth.

Film - Good Luck to you Leo Grande Emma Thompson is fully nude in a scene, this cannot have been easy, what a brave and inspirational woman! 

Series - The Sinner This is an old show but I only just discovered it, I was absolutely hooked, so disturbing but so good!

Movement - Yoga With Adriene playlist 'Align' 

Place - Brewdog Waterloo My husband and I went on a day trip to London to go check it out, it is so impressive! There is tenpin bowling, table tennis, and a slide! Now let me tell you, going down a slide as an adult after drinking a strong IPA beer is everything I hoped it would be! The food was also amazing.

Brewdog Waterloo

Thank you for checking out my blog post.
All the love to you,
From Madeleine - The Green Fox xxx


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