Drawing 'The Owl Guide' in Ink

Drawing 'The Owl Guide' in Ink

Exploring pen and ink

I am currently exploring the world of ink illustration. The tools I have been experimenting with are a dip pen, and Sakura micron fine liners. My dip pen is actually an old one I've had for a long time, but I haven't picked it up for a while. Over the past couple of years I have been mainly painting with acrylics, but I feel like it's time for a change. I am not sure why I really feel like it is time for a change? Maybe I have been immersed for so long in acrylics, that I have gotten bored, or maybe acrylic just isn't for me?

Anyhow I have decided that I am excited by the venture of improving my ink skills, and am curious to see where it takes me. 

Micron pens

Ink pen practice

Here are some drawings from my sketchbook, these were done with the dip pen and Dr.Ph.Martin's Bombay ink

Ink drawings

It was after I'd drew these that I purchased the Sakura micron pens, which have been saved on my 'art supplies I need in my life' amazon list for years. I don't know what took me so long!? 

The drawing below of the owl, is one I did with the micron pens. I hadn't used them before, so I kept it simple and didn't worry about having a background.

Ink Owl Drawing

Ink and watercolour

I was happy with how the drawing came out, so I decided to add a bit more detail.

Owl Ink and Watercolour

Here (above) is the final illustration. The owl was painted first, then I drew the wild flowers, trees and foliage in ink, and then painted them with watercolour. The moon and stars were masked out using Daler Rowney masking fluid once I had drawn them. After I painted the night sky I rubbed the masking fluid off, and added bright touches of yellow. I named the piece; 'The Owl Guide'. The next illustration for the book project I am working on is an owl, guiding the way through a forest. This piece has been a great experiment for that.


Wild flowers

I just love how botanicals look when drawn in ink!

The Owl Guide

If you would like to, you can check the painting out here!

Vintage book finds!

It was a chilly and wintery evening last Friday, I was wrapped up warm and walking through the cobbled streets of Lichfield town to visit the quaint little art shop - The Tales Press. I purchased a new watercolour sketchbook, stroked the sausage dog that roams around the shop floor, then headed out to make my way home. On route I spotted Oxfam, I couldn't resist popping in because you just never know what second hand treasure you might stumble upon. I scored these two beautiful vintage books. I love the illustrations, so inspiring! 

Vintage Books

Book illustrations

Book illustration

Thank you for checking out this blog post, see you in the next one!

Madeleine - The Green Fox xxx

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Just finished this book, it is incredible! - Where the crawdads sing

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